New Employee Roadmap

Below are the milestones expected of you when you start on your Service Station journey to hall-of-fame slayer status.  Work with your team lead to make sure you are exceeding the goals laid out for you below and communicate with them if you feel you are falling behind or need more help.

First Week

  • Introduction to Service Station & BidClips w/ Jimmy
  • Orientation w/ Mickey
  • Meet your team lead
  • Your team’s clients
  • Take your first call

First Month

  • Take calls and get comfortable
  • Make your first sale (on-site diagnostic or rock chip repair)
  • Close a sale on behalf of one of your teammates
  • Handily handle an inbound insurance call
  • Make a few more sales

Second Month

  • Learn the basics of setting up either a flat or auto glass job.

Third Month

  • Exceed at setting up customers for rock chip repairs, OSDs & accepting inbound insurance calls

Sixth Month

  • You take control of every call by listening and asking great questions while working towards a timely resolution to the customer’s needs
  • You are nearly autonomous and ask the right questions (not the same questions) of the shop and your team lead
  • You take new information from your team lead and immediately apply it to your workflow without being reminded to do so

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