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When you hear the word, “prize,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the consolation trophy you got at your local Kiwanis Sportsplex Soccer League when you were 7, or the true definition? See, here at FUCU you don’t get rewarded for sucking eggs. You get rewarded by fostering your own community of chickens, grooming them to excellence, and winning best chicken at the county fair. That’s what we do at FUCU. If honorable mentions get you going, then we aren’t the right Crew for you.

FUCU as a team prides itself on the follow-up and going deeper with customers to earn their trust and close the sale. To follow-up with a customer is like saying, “Ma’am, would you like some jam with your buttered biscuit?” You already gave her the buttered biscuit, but the jam is what really tells her that you care about her having a good experience.

Enough analogies, let’s get into the nitty gritty. In order to thrive in FUCU, you have to manage yourself well. This means clocking in and out on time for your respective shift, managing and completing your tasks each day, being a good team player, and most importantly, knowing how to communicate confidently to a stranger on the phone. Below is a link to a FUCU Cheat Sheet. It has information anywhere from sq ft pricing all the way to what services each shop do not provide. Save it, shoot why not memorize it.?? Just keep in mind that more can always be added!

FUCU Clients:

  • Glass Doctor of Atlanta
  • Glass Doctor of Westchester, Nassau & The Bronx
  • Glass Doctor of Woodbridge
  • Glass Doctor of Ohio

FUCU Communication Channels: Slack – (S), Glip – (G)

(S)f_u_c_u: main channel for general questions, ideas, comments, concerns, etc.

(S)f_u_c_u_leads: Notification Center for when jobs are assigned to our team user in BC – service.station

(S)gd_westchester: Main contact is @Paul Tetro. Post updates to jobs and general customer communication and tag Paul with as much information as possible.

(S)gd_woodbridge: Main contact is @jofapa. Post updates to jobs and general customer communication and tag Jose with as much information as possible.

(S)isr_service: Same day auto jobs get sent here for our ISR team to build at a super sonic rate.

(S)salesteamupdates: Any new information to protocol will be added here. Usually from our head wizard @Will Ballew

(S)service_request_removal: wrong service requests, duplicates and overall messed up jobs need to be added here. Copy SR number and reason why it needs to be deleted

(S)trashtalkandfuntimes: pretty self explanatory. Go all out but keep it PG-13

(S)whersthecommission: did a lot of work on someone else’s job? Talk to them about it and decide on how you want to split the commish then tag @Will Ballew in this channel for accurate compensation

(G) GD Atlanta Auto SS: Main contact is Frank Coulter. Run part availability and scheduling by him here in this channel

(G) GD Atlanta Flat SS: There are multiple users we contact in this channel. See “ATL Messaging Protocol”


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