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Flat Glass

The Shower Door Place

I sat down with Peter Redin, owner and operator of The Shower Door Place, to discuss his journey and experience with BidClips. The Shower Door Place is a small family-owned business based out of Minnesota. “As the name implies, we just do shower doors. We differ from the majority of our competitors in that they do any glass which comes their way.”

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Five Star Painting of South Bend

Anthony Kulikowski is the Franchise owner of 5 Star Painting of South Bend, Indiana, and a BidClips user. I had the chance to chat with him about some of the things that led to his decision in choosing BidClips as his go-to software, how it’s been working for him and his team, and how it benefits painting businesses throughout the industry.

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Lewis & Clark Landscaping

Mark has been serving the community of Missoula, MT for over a decade with services in sod installation, patio building, retaining walls, snow removal, and so much more. After already building a successful business, he’s found that BidClips has helped him with many of the tasks he just doesn’t have time for anymore.

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Pest Control

Mosquito Joe of Metro East Illinois

For many businesses in the home services industry, the cost of giving a quote is often overlooked or seen as a necessary price to pay for winning a job. For JP Newcomer, Franchise Owner of Mosquito Joe of Metro East Illinois, the quoting process has become an opportunity to include the customer in the sales process.

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