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Improve Your Sales With an All-in-One Software for Flat Glass Businesses

BidClips is a software designed to meet the needs of glass shops around the country. We know what it takes to run a successful shop, and our flat glass software is built to get you more sales by giving your potential customers a simple way get you exactly what you need to build quick, accurate quotes.

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Automated follow-up example

We equip your business with valuable tools like:

  • Automated follow-ups
  • Internal communication tools
  • Task management tools
  • Hassle-free payments

With us, you can rest assured you have everything you need to meet your clients’ expectations in the digital age.

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It Starts with Our Customizable Widget

Capture leads, showcase your best services, and give your customers a simple buying experience. We put the BidClips Widget on your website for you, where potential customers will be able to choose their service and upload all the information you need to send a great quote with photos, videos, and customizable prompts.

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What you get with BidClips


Peter Redin of The Shower Door Place

“With BidClips it’s allowed us to communicate better; we can look up things like whether the payment was received or order was processed [and] this has allowed us more visibility company-wide,” – Peter Redin

Since adopting BidClips, The Shower Door Place has seen improvements in customer communication, organization, and ultimately closing sales. “I had two customers come into our store to talk about projects. I sent them both the BidClips bid and they have already made deposits on jobs that haven’t been measured.” With two showrooms and employees constantly in the field, The Shower Door Place is running a busy operation. BidClips makes it easy to save time in the quoting process with powerful tools to build great bids, so glass shops can efficiently improve growth while improving their customer’s experience.

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Shower Door Place Review

Glass Doctor Franchisees

“The flexibility in the pricing and the efficiency of communications… are real valuable to us… It’s changed our ability and our confidence level to do business.”

Mike Gai, GD Western Washington

“BC is solving some critical deficiencies in our process. Specifically, the entire sales process is documented in one place and it is easy for our team to more effectively collaborate and provide timely and accurate bids. In addition, automated follow-ups are critical to improving our closing ratios.”

Jim Bernstein, GD Atlanta

“One of our favorite things about the platform is the automated follow-ups that are sent out up to 30 days after a customer receives a bid!”

David & Megan Nash, GD Atlanta

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Shower Door Place Review

Here’s what your customers could be saying

“Had a great experience with getting a bedroom window fixed loved the bid site made it so easy to submit photos and not even have to be in contact with anyone.”

LaShawn Scott, Satisfied Customer

“I really like the online tool for entering in my quote request and information. I received a response within 2 hours (text and email).”

Steven Fleming, Satisfied Customer

“I was able to conduct the entire initial report of the problem from my phone, submitting photos and dimensions via the weblink from a text.”

Andrew Howard, Satisfied Customer

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