Take the Hassle out of Getting Paid

The BidClips Platform provides quick and secure online payments for your customers, with options for downpayment, add-ons, travel fees, and re-stock fees. Take control of how you get paid.

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Quick and convenient online payment processing right on your phone while your serviceman completes the job.
Four online payment options at your disposal: Fixed Amount ($ or % of bid), Restocking Fees, Full Payment, or No Minimum Payment Required. The example shown in this Help Center article will demonstrate a bid sent to customer that requires a 25% down payment to reserve the job.

Payment Options for Bids

Reserve jobs and close sales faster than ever with multiple down-payment options. Set the percentage or dollar amount of your choice, and get paid before you ever leave the shop.

Get Paid Anytime, Anywhere

Make it easy for your customers to pay you by giving them the option to pay right from the bid. Whether it’s from a computer or a phone, you get paid sooner, and your customer gets the best experience possible.

Stock image shows you can choose to enter your debit/credit card for online payment or skip payment to pay at a later date. All from the convenience of your phone.

Utilize Online Payments Today

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