Make the Most Out of Every Call

BidClips is more than just a widget on your website. Get more out of every phone call as you turn conversations into bids. Use our platform to input all the info you need to send a quote and win the job.

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Turn More Calls Into Sales

We know that every phone call you receive has the potential to become a job sold. With BidClips, you can easily create a quote and send a follow-up to every customer who calls in – and customers who are followed up with are more likely to close!

Give Your Team Everything They Need

Empower your sales team with pre-loaded questions and prompts for them to ask the customer while they build the service request. Include things like tips for better customer service and reminders to collect important pieces of information.

Keep the Communication Simple

Stay in touch with your customer after you hang up the phone with messaging and follow ups to make sure you get what you need for the job.

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Get the most out of every call with BidClips.

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