Insights for the home services industry

Gross Margin vs Gross Markup

Gross Margin vs Gross Markup

Here at BidClips, we have frequent conversations with our clients about gross markup and gross margin, especially as they relate to pricing. Through these discussions, we noticed that gross margin and gross markup are commonly thought of as...


How to Manage a Remote Sales Team

How to Manage a Remote Sales Team

Remote work is the future.  We at BidClips, being engaged in the home, business, and automotive service industries, know many of you are trying to adopt this new way of thinking. Since we have been operating remotely for nearly 10 years, we would like to share with...

The Power of the Follow Up

Building Relationships Through Empathy One of the core concepts we teach our salespeople at Service Station is demonstrating empathy toward the customer at every point of contact they make with that customer. In the home and auto service industries,...

BidClips 2019 Year End Review

2019 - The Year of Transition “In Like a Lamb out Like a Lion” If you ask me to best describe 2019 here at BidClips, I would use the phrase "in like a lamb out like a lion”. The gales of change that frequently accompany the transition of seasons from...

Welcome to the BidClips BidBlog

Welcome to the BidClips BidBlog! Here we will be discussing the latest trends in the home services industry, tips on how to run a home services business and more about the BidClips platform. Check back for more posts coming soon!